©2005 - Music and Lyrics by Bill Schereck

I Wouldn't Change A Thing

I was a child of the 60’s
In love with the music
Playing guitar to find the truth

But pursuit of the music
Brought neither fame nor salvation
And the lifestyle damned near killed me many days

I started a family way too young
But traveled cross the country
And did more things than most have ever done

I’ve driven trucks, laid bricks and pounded nails
And worked in fancy Boardrooms
And along the way even earned an MBA

But of all the things I’ve done
And all the places that I’ve been
Despite all the things I’ve yet to do
Of all the many choices
That could have been so different
Today I wouldn’t change a thing
‘Cause everything has brought me here to you

There’ve been days so good I felt
That I could touch the sky
And times so bad I prayed that I would die

I’ve had many great adventures
And even a few crash landings
But like that fledging Phoenix kept on rising

I had several years of great success
That took me round the world
And a chance to see how others were living

I found love so true that I was sure
That it would last forever, and when she died
I prayed for one more chance


Finally I headed south
Where the Lone Star flashed its welcome
Still believing that the best was yet to come

Then my late night prayer was answered
When the Lord sent me an angel
No longer would I have to sing alone


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