©2005 - Music and Lyrics by Bill Schereck

The Man I've Become

When we first met
Our whole lives were before us
And we vowed that our
Love would grow forever

Our plans were all set
And our family just begun
I know my love for you has grown
Because of The Man That I’ve Become

We could not have known
That I would soon be called
To fight for our Country
As a soldier

It’s been more than a year
Since I joined in the fighting
And I’ve had to do so many things
I know you’d find frightening

You promised to wait till I got back
And you say you understand
But I pray your love has grown big enough
To Accept and love The Man That I’ve Become

I know I’m not the only one
Who’s writing this letter all alone
‘Cause every day we fight to stay
Alive till we get home

All of us agree
That what we do here needs to be done
But there may be years to go
Before this war is won

All of those who have fought in war
Are forever greatly changed
And when they finally get back home
Are never quite the same

So I hope that when I come back
You and the boys are there
But most of all I pray that as we grow
That we’ll all learn to love
The Man I’ve Become
The Man I’ve Become

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