©2005 - Music and Lyrics by Bill Schereck

My Father’s Voice

I was just a young man
The first time I recall
My Father's speaking of trust and family honor

And I've often reflected in the years since then
The power of his words and how that wisdom
Helped shape who I am today

Although he's no longer on this earth
The many lessons I learned are still here
Alive and well residing in my heart

Over the years there were many times
When faced with hard decisions
That I heard my Father's Voice
When he said

The honor of your family name
Is a valuable possession
But it only takes one lie
To bring it low

So always tell the truth
Admit your errors like a man
So your children can share
The pride that you have known

It always seems to happen
Each generation needs to learn
The value of life's lessons
On their own

So when my own son gave occasion
For me to pass on what I'd learned
When I started to speak I heard My Fathers Voice
When he said


It was several decades later
That my son gave me a call
To tell me of his boy's need of a lesson

As he started to guide his own son
He could not contain his surprise
As he started to speak out came his Father's Voice
As I said


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