©2005 - Music and Lyrics by Bill Schereck

A Dance or Two

I just love those old Country Songs
That Johnny and Waylon used to play
Willy & Kris sang a new song every day

And the good old boys from down South
Were mixing country, rock and the blues
Skynard, and the Allmans always doin' something new

We learned how to dance in the honky tonks
That jammed all night until morning
And nothing that we drank came with a single warning

Every old bar had a live band
Who played all the greatest tunes
Hank and Merle and even a Jones or two

So, come on Darlin' for A Dance or Two
And show 'em like we used to do
There's no one I'd rather be dancing with than you

We can't sing and dance all night
And drink like we used to do
But no one does it better for a dance or two

For a dance or two, For a dance or two
We're as good as there's ever been
The music has kept us young if not real thin

In the years we've been together
Lots of songs have come down the road
Though we're not as young, we still put on quite a show




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